About Me

My name is Mike. My interests mainly revolve around computers and programming, but I also enjoy activities such as investing, economics, photography, biking, learning local history, and stargazing.

I started this blog in 2010 as a way for me to both learn and share investment knowledge. While I may not necessarily still agree with my own opinions in past blog posts, I plan on leaving them there as a record of how I evolved my investing practices to where they are today.

I am a follower of the Warren Buffett methodology of focus investing: buying shares in companies as if I were an owner, buying franchise companies with strong competitive advantages and strong balance sheets, and at a fair or bargain price. I've only just begun to implement this strategy, so only time will tell how I fare. At least you can expect blog posts on this theme in the future.

I recently finished university, and like most students, I have a student loan to pay off. My investing activities may be somewhat limited until I finish paying off the loan, but not to worry! I have already started a full-time job.

I hope you enjoy my blog posts, and I'm always open to comments or questions. You can email me at mikazotechblog@gmail.com

Sidenote: I'm not open to guest posts or advertising on this blog at this time.